Friday, February 29, 2008

End of Week 1

Well, week one is now over and thank god for that. Yah weekend!
Today was really cold out so we didnt put the horses out, which really saves me on time. That being said, I got done early today so I decided to ride. How fun that was... /sarcasm Even after lunging him, Ringo was still wanting to spook at any noise made, which was all the time.
So we spent the whole ride, which last only 25 min walking around the arena, trying to keep from spooking. I finally just lunging him a whole lot more, making him really work. I hope he gets over this, its like starting all over again with him.

Baby was inside all day, and I noticed her taking a few naps. It seemed that the whole side of the barn was napping today. I saw about 5-7 horses laying down napping, was kinda funny. Before I left I went to her stall to say good-bye, and she was napping again. So I went in and scratched her all over and gave her a small piece of carrot to munch on. She is shedding like crazy, and I ended up getting covered in white hair, how fun.

Will update next week after her farrier appointment.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Job Started

Man, am I sore and tired. I started my job working at the barn yesterday, feeding, cleaning stalls and turn-out. Its been so long since I have worked this hard, my body isnt used to it at all. Everything hurts right now. But baby is getting so big, so I think it is worth it. I took my Ipod with me today, and that seemed to make the stalls go by faster.

I have been mostly doing lead lessons and picking feet up lessons for the most part. What else is there to do right now? Not much. But she is doing those things very well. Her first farrier visit will be next week, to get her feet trimmed. That should be exciting. But it will be done by Joe, Enika's husband and he is good.

I have been thinking about getting her a stall toy to mess around with. Lynn said I could borrow one from one of the paddocks to see if she will even use it. See how it goes.

Past few days, I have only been lunging Ringo, since I have been wayyy to sore to even think about riding. No biggy, not like we need to get ready for anything.

Will try to get some new pictures of baby up, she is getting SO big and shedding already!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Job & New Barn

I got a job at the new barn I am now boarding my horses at. Its called Dorbill Stables in Bridgewater. This place is great and I am really enjoying having my horses here.

Here is the Link to the place. As I said, its pretty nice.

I have both the baby there and Ringo and I think they both like it too. Lots of new friends.

Its a big more expensive to keep them there but if I start this job, I should be able to keep both of them. We'll see.

Baby has been doing good. We have been taking her outside to the paddocks and she has been leading like a pro. ( most the time) and will go in and out of her stall OK. Everyone at the barn loves her and think she is the cutest, which she is. Glade she has fans.