Monday, April 21, 2008

A Good Lesson

Our lessons have been simple. I just want her to walk around the outdoor arena calmly without trying to run me over and trying to run back to the gate.

Well, finally today something clicked in her head and she decided to be good. We walked all over the ring and she behaved so well. I hope she remembers her good behavior and is good again tomorrow. I took some new pictures of her, agian. She is just getting so big, I love taking her pictures.

I rode Ringo today, trying to jump him over some small X-rails. He was such a baby, getting so nervous and spazzing out. I was cantering him and he completly fell to his knees and I flipped up on his head, riding his head for like 2-3 secs. LOL, was crazy. I thought I was going to bite the dust. He got back to his feet and I flipped over his head and somehow landed on my feet. It was crazy and a big rush. Ringo was OK and so was I, so I got back on him and rode him more. Later on, he decided he didn't want to turn around to go back to the fences so he reared up, really high. I was so surprised that he did that, I hardly got after him after he went back down. He hasn't done that in about 5 years!

So here are some new pictures..

Ele 10 months


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Outdoor Fun

Last few days, I have been taking baby outside to the outdoor arena and letting her run around some, and working leading and stopping. I was going to take some nice vids of her running around but my camera's battery died only in few secs into doing it. I got about a 20sec clip here. Not much but you can see how big she is, she was very feisty today, I was praying she wouldn't try to jump over the arena fence!

Sorry for the crappy camera noise. It was windy out today. I suggest maybe turning down the vol. :)