Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sell Time?

Iv decided to try and push to sell my baby. I dont want to fully but I want to work more on Ringo and trying to get to be a licensed riding instructor and to do those things, I dont want to be working. So I need to sell her. She is going to be so awesome I know it and she is terribly cute. She is doing better about feeding time, not as nasty anymore, mostly impatient about wanting to get fed NOW! But what horse isnt.

Im going to try asking around at the barn, see if anyone is intrested. Hopefully my add on does something...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Another Week Goes By.

More week are flying by.

Worked today and then rode Ringo. He did pretty good. I rode the first half with a martingale on so he would listen to me more and not try to take off so much. After a while I took it off and he behaved himself. I hope to start taking lessons again from Enika next month. We could prolly use it.

The Little Monster is doing good as well. She is getting so big! (See pictures) She leads pretty well now and stands pretty good for the farrier. Her new thing now is being mad/angry/pissy/ whatever you want to call it when she is getting fed. She likes to put her ears back and make mean faces and pretend she wants to kick at you if you dont feed her fast enough. I have been working on this and getting after her when she trys to put her butt towards me or trys to bite me. I hope its just a phase....