Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So I decided to introduce the baby to clippers today. I had to maneuver her to a spot where there was a plug in that worked. So I was holding her in the washstall. I turned them on expecting explosions but she didnt act toooo bad. Alot of huffing and puffing and wanting to chew her lead rope to bits, which I let her to a little, for now. I even got them kinda close enough to clip some whiskers. It will be a slow process but its a start, she did better then I thought she would. Will try again tomorrow...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Riding Lesson

Had a riding lesson on Ringo today. The times got all messed up, so I was at first hurring to try and make my lesson on time, and when I got outside to the arena, she told me that she switched times again, so I had time to warm Ringo up, which was a good thing, he was acting fresh. I started off by riding him in the outdoor arena. He started off Ok at first but started getting uptight and spooking (stable hand was raking leaves nearby ) So I rode him out the arena, only to have him freak out( who knows why) and try to take off with me many time, and act like he wanted to rear and buck. Acting like a complete nutcase, more then he has in a long time. I finally took him to the indoor to try and get him to relax. Which he never really did.

We ended up spending the whole lesson trying to get him relax and bend around my leg, using many different exercises and transitions. Enika just wants me to ride him more, today he just had a bad day I guess. Im going to the barn tomorrow to do just that. Hope it goes well....

Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Vid

Quick post, I promise to do another one that is longer soon. I took some new vids of baby the other day. There was another one, I will have to upload it. I took some pics, but most of them are of her but as she walking away. I did get some nice ones of her head.

Quick update tho. Over all, she is doing pretty well. Had farrier visit today, she was her normal charming bitchy self.. heh

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Horse Show

Went to a local show last Sunday with my horse Ringo. It was a decent sized show, as far as shows Iv been to so far here. It was trailer only, so of course I ended up holding Ringo all day, which is a pain, more so because there was NO shade at all and I ended up with a cherry red face at the end of the day.

We got there early, and I unloaded Ringo right away and lunged some of the oats out of him. He was acting extremely fresh, neighing at everything and flagging his tail like a deer. I was thinking " Ah crap, he is going to be a nutter head today. " But once I got on him and was riding him around, he settled down and actually started to behave.

Our first class was a Arab/Half Arab class open to hunters and saddlebreds. He did extremely good and even tho I ended up with a 4th out of 8 I think, Enika said I should of won it easy. Oh well, thats all that matters. The next class was the Arab/Half Arab championship class and we ended up getting 2nd out of 6 i think. Again, he is AWESOME. Better then Iv ever had him go.

We did 3 more classes after that. Each one he did very well in, only once did he pick up the wrong lead at the canter but pretty sure the judge didnt see it. Only a few things that needed working on. All in all, was a good day. I was very happy with his performance. Just goes to show you just how smart he is. He knew when he was going in to a class and he knew when we reversed that we were going to canter, which we didnt cause the judge switched it up and had us trot, which was a good thing for Ringo. He needs it different in the ring.

Click to go to a site where some pictures of us at up. There was a lady walking around all day taking pictures. They all turned out so good! Our pictures are #83,101,106.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Baby Being Bratty?

Well, that is what they are saying. That she is charging people and trying to bite them when they are trying to feed her. I do know that she does have an attitude problem, but I worked with her today, walking her around, grooming in cross ties (needs more work) and standing in the wash stall, she didnt behave that bad. She stood pretty well for me in the wash stall. I had a bucket of water and a sponge and was using that on her, she was fussy for the first part but it all ended well. I just think people need to be more aggressive with her. She can intimidate people really well, you need to have a really firm hand when doing anything with her.

All in all, I feel like she is doing better with me and that is a good step.

More pics--

Electra 14months

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ele's New Half Sister

Ele's baby half sister was born last night at around 11:00pm.
She was born super fast and was trying to get up and walk while she was still coming out! She is going to be a super frisky one, will definitely take after her sister!

Soni- New Baby!

Enika also rode Bass today over some jumps, I had my camera with me so I took some pics. He is such an awesome horse but he hast jumped this high in over 2 years! So I think he looks pretty good.

Bass Pictures

Friday, June 27, 2008

Cross Ties and Wash Stalls

Today's lesson was practicing standing in Cross Ties. Tuesday we tried it for the first time and she did pretty good. Wiggled around some but didnt try anything stupid, to busy trying to eat the cross tie. So that lesson is going well. We went over it again today.

New lesson was going in the wash stall, which she did, I was surprised. You could tell she was nervous and as soon as I turned her around, she wanted to bolt out of it. But we went in and out 3 times before I called it a day. The fun will began when I turn on the hose......

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


New pictures of Ringo!! He is just TO CUTE! He is also doing very well in our dressage lessons!! :D

Ringo 2

Monday, May 19, 2008

Spots for Sale!

After much thinking and talking about what me and my BF are doing in the next year, I have decided that I need to sell the baby. I also want to spend more time with Ringo and I want to buy him some stuff for showing this year and I need that money from Baby. She has become harder and harder for me to work with. I think I just might be in over my head with her. Which I hate admitting. Doesn't help that I cant work with her everyday. I can only get out to the barn 2-3 times a week cause of gas prices. Its annoying. I'm sure if I could, it would be better. /sigh

Monday, April 21, 2008

A Good Lesson

Our lessons have been simple. I just want her to walk around the outdoor arena calmly without trying to run me over and trying to run back to the gate.

Well, finally today something clicked in her head and she decided to be good. We walked all over the ring and she behaved so well. I hope she remembers her good behavior and is good again tomorrow. I took some new pictures of her, agian. She is just getting so big, I love taking her pictures.

I rode Ringo today, trying to jump him over some small X-rails. He was such a baby, getting so nervous and spazzing out. I was cantering him and he completly fell to his knees and I flipped up on his head, riding his head for like 2-3 secs. LOL, was crazy. I thought I was going to bite the dust. He got back to his feet and I flipped over his head and somehow landed on my feet. It was crazy and a big rush. Ringo was OK and so was I, so I got back on him and rode him more. Later on, he decided he didn't want to turn around to go back to the fences so he reared up, really high. I was so surprised that he did that, I hardly got after him after he went back down. He hasn't done that in about 5 years!

So here are some new pictures..

Ele 10 months


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Outdoor Fun

Last few days, I have been taking baby outside to the outdoor arena and letting her run around some, and working leading and stopping. I was going to take some nice vids of her running around but my camera's battery died only in few secs into doing it. I got about a 20sec clip here. Not much but you can see how big she is, she was very feisty today, I was praying she wouldn't try to jump over the arena fence!

Sorry for the crappy camera noise. It was windy out today. I suggest maybe turning down the vol. :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sell Time?

Iv decided to try and push to sell my baby. I dont want to fully but I want to work more on Ringo and trying to get to be a licensed riding instructor and to do those things, I dont want to be working. So I need to sell her. She is going to be so awesome I know it and she is terribly cute. She is doing better about feeding time, not as nasty anymore, mostly impatient about wanting to get fed NOW! But what horse isnt.

Im going to try asking around at the barn, see if anyone is intrested. Hopefully my add on does something...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Another Week Goes By.

More week are flying by.

Worked today and then rode Ringo. He did pretty good. I rode the first half with a martingale on so he would listen to me more and not try to take off so much. After a while I took it off and he behaved himself. I hope to start taking lessons again from Enika next month. We could prolly use it.

The Little Monster is doing good as well. She is getting so big! (See pictures) She leads pretty well now and stands pretty good for the farrier. Her new thing now is being mad/angry/pissy/ whatever you want to call it when she is getting fed. She likes to put her ears back and make mean faces and pretend she wants to kick at you if you dont feed her fast enough. I have been working on this and getting after her when she trys to put her butt towards me or trys to bite me. I hope its just a phase....


Friday, February 29, 2008

End of Week 1

Well, week one is now over and thank god for that. Yah weekend!
Today was really cold out so we didnt put the horses out, which really saves me on time. That being said, I got done early today so I decided to ride. How fun that was... /sarcasm Even after lunging him, Ringo was still wanting to spook at any noise made, which was all the time.
So we spent the whole ride, which last only 25 min walking around the arena, trying to keep from spooking. I finally just lunging him a whole lot more, making him really work. I hope he gets over this, its like starting all over again with him.

Baby was inside all day, and I noticed her taking a few naps. It seemed that the whole side of the barn was napping today. I saw about 5-7 horses laying down napping, was kinda funny. Before I left I went to her stall to say good-bye, and she was napping again. So I went in and scratched her all over and gave her a small piece of carrot to munch on. She is shedding like crazy, and I ended up getting covered in white hair, how fun.

Will update next week after her farrier appointment.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Job Started

Man, am I sore and tired. I started my job working at the barn yesterday, feeding, cleaning stalls and turn-out. Its been so long since I have worked this hard, my body isnt used to it at all. Everything hurts right now. But baby is getting so big, so I think it is worth it. I took my Ipod with me today, and that seemed to make the stalls go by faster.

I have been mostly doing lead lessons and picking feet up lessons for the most part. What else is there to do right now? Not much. But she is doing those things very well. Her first farrier visit will be next week, to get her feet trimmed. That should be exciting. But it will be done by Joe, Enika's husband and he is good.

I have been thinking about getting her a stall toy to mess around with. Lynn said I could borrow one from one of the paddocks to see if she will even use it. See how it goes.

Past few days, I have only been lunging Ringo, since I have been wayyy to sore to even think about riding. No biggy, not like we need to get ready for anything.

Will try to get some new pictures of baby up, she is getting SO big and shedding already!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Job & New Barn

I got a job at the new barn I am now boarding my horses at. Its called Dorbill Stables in Bridgewater. This place is great and I am really enjoying having my horses here.

Here is the Link to the place. As I said, its pretty nice.

I have both the baby there and Ringo and I think they both like it too. Lots of new friends.

Its a big more expensive to keep them there but if I start this job, I should be able to keep both of them. We'll see.

Baby has been doing good. We have been taking her outside to the paddocks and she has been leading like a pro. ( most the time) and will go in and out of her stall OK. Everyone at the barn loves her and think she is the cutest, which she is. Glade she has fans.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Haven't written much lately mostly because nothing much has been going on. Been very cold out and everything frozen. Been mostly working on picking feet up and tying, both of which she is doing good at. Today the vet came to give her the yearly shots she needs. She got stuck 4 times in all, and I have to say she did pretty good. She jumped at first but didn't trash around as much as I thought she would.

Ringo is getting a new home soon. I am moving him to a new barn, called Dorbill Stables. I drove there the other day, and I have to say, its pretty nice. Has a big indoor! Woo. Link- if you really care to see it. Im going to wait awhile till I move BB, since she doesnt require much and this barn she is at is cheaper.

I am actually thinking about maybe selling this nice foal, only because I dont know if I can manage pinching my penny's any longer. I am currently trying to get some sort of job, since that would help out and maybe then I wont have to sell her. But then, Id be working and would I even have time to see my 2 horses anymore?? /sigh...

Monday, January 7, 2008

Outside Fun

Today was warm enough to put the baby outside, the outdoor arena finally un-thawed enough. Enika and I both lead her out to the arena, she behaved good getting there. We let her go and she had some fun running around like a crazy fool. She has been inside for over a month, so she felt really good. Two horses from the main barn are leaving tomorrow, so we decided to move her up from the foal/pony barn to the main barn, that way she has a small paddock to move about in. Lets hope she doesn't try to jump any more fences!

I still don't know where I am going to move my horses to, Ekina has been roaming about trying to get spots for her boarders, I will try to go where she goes. I am still on the fence about wither to sell BB or not. I have her up for sale at the moment, for 16,ooo, so if someone would buy her for that or ever 14k Id sell her. See how it goes....

Thursday, January 3, 2008

My own lesson learned....

Lesson learned today: Dont take BB out with No one at barn! She doesnt like going back in her stall and will fight and bitch for EVER.