Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Haven't written much lately mostly because nothing much has been going on. Been very cold out and everything frozen. Been mostly working on picking feet up and tying, both of which she is doing good at. Today the vet came to give her the yearly shots she needs. She got stuck 4 times in all, and I have to say she did pretty good. She jumped at first but didn't trash around as much as I thought she would.

Ringo is getting a new home soon. I am moving him to a new barn, called Dorbill Stables. I drove there the other day, and I have to say, its pretty nice. Has a big indoor! Woo. Link- if you really care to see it. Im going to wait awhile till I move BB, since she doesnt require much and this barn she is at is cheaper.

I am actually thinking about maybe selling this nice foal, only because I dont know if I can manage pinching my penny's any longer. I am currently trying to get some sort of job, since that would help out and maybe then I wont have to sell her. But then, Id be working and would I even have time to see my 2 horses anymore?? /sigh...

Monday, January 7, 2008

Outside Fun

Today was warm enough to put the baby outside, the outdoor arena finally un-thawed enough. Enika and I both lead her out to the arena, she behaved good getting there. We let her go and she had some fun running around like a crazy fool. She has been inside for over a month, so she felt really good. Two horses from the main barn are leaving tomorrow, so we decided to move her up from the foal/pony barn to the main barn, that way she has a small paddock to move about in. Lets hope she doesn't try to jump any more fences!

I still don't know where I am going to move my horses to, Ekina has been roaming about trying to get spots for her boarders, I will try to go where she goes. I am still on the fence about wither to sell BB or not. I have her up for sale at the moment, for 16,ooo, so if someone would buy her for that or ever 14k Id sell her. See how it goes....

Thursday, January 3, 2008

My own lesson learned....

Lesson learned today: Dont take BB out with No one at barn! She doesnt like going back in her stall and will fight and bitch for EVER.