Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another Lesson!

Worked with Ele today, doing more leading lessons. I have to say she is starting to get the hang of it. We did almost a full circle around the stall leading without the line around her booty pulling her along. I hope to get constant forward walking within the next few weeks. Going to be working with her agian tomarrow, hoping for more progress!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Horse Show!

Alright, I will get around to write about the horse show I went to on Sunday, Sept 16th 2007. It was a local open show, the was pretty close. I took my NSH gelding, Ringo with me. It was going to be our first show since moving to Mass, so I was kinda nervous. I also never been to this type of show before, Iv only had experience with Arabian shows and I knew this one would be somewhat different.

We got there pretty early, but it was already packed! It was a show out of your trailer type, so we had to find a decent spot to park. Showing out of the trailer sucks, that's all I have to say about it. Lol. Since my horse doesn't like to tie nor is he a fan of being in the trailer (unless he is with friends or dead tired) so I had to pretty much hold and walk him around all day, which sucked.

We had 5 classes we were to ride in, and that seemed like alot for us! Didn't help it was pretty warm and sunny out. So anyways, around noon I get on and start warming him up and trying to tire him out some so he wont be to crazy in the ring. Our first class went OK, tons of horses in it but we didn't place cause me and Ringo both messed up. Our 2nd class went better, was about 17 horses in it and we got 5th place. Pretty good I think. As each class went by Ringo was getting more tired and kinda pissed off. When we went into the show ring, he just wanted to run around like an idiot. But by our last class, I think he was tired enough to behave, and we ended up getting 1st out of 4. All in all, the show went good. Other then getting a sun burn and an aching back. I was proud of Ringo for being a good boy and doing better then I thought he would. Below are some pictures of me and him.

Horse Show

First Lesson!

Today we had our first leading lesson. I didnt work to long with her, as I didnt want to get her frustrated. She seemed confused at first, about why I had a lead line wrapped around her butt, but she seemed to understand that pressure on that line made her want to walk forward. We spent a few min. working on walking forward and stopping, she didnt like the stopping part, mostly wanted to drag me around the stall. I ended on a good note with her willing walking forward a few steps and stopping. Gave her lots of pats.

I also took tons of new pictures of her also, this cute one of her face. She wouldnt stand still and let me get many good full body ones, she kept wanting see what I was doing with the camera the whole time. Here are some of the pictures I took!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Filly of the Future

My name is Caressa and I currently just bought a 2 month old American Warmblood paint filly. Her name is Carousel's Electric Jigsaw or Electra and she is very cute and pretty much the type of horse I always wanted. She is going to grow to be tall and flashy. I wanted to start a blog, which I never really did before, to chart and mark my progress with my new baby, as well as make any comments on her or any going's on at the barn, which always seems busy! I also own a 9 year old NSH gelding named Rock the Ring (Ringo) whom is boarded at the same place. We actually just competed on our first horse show since coming to Mass. Ill blog about that later.

This is the only current picture I have of her, about a month ago, and now she is even bigger! Will have to get more pictures of her soon. Anyways, she is about 2 months old, almost 3 and soon to be getting her first leading lesson. Its good to get this started early, especially with this young girl, as she is going to grow tall fast! She is already wondering a good distance from her mom when taken out of her stall, she is getting a mind of her own!

She is a good baby, don't get me wrong, I've patted her pretty much everywhere and she doesn't seem to mind. She gets handled all the time and is a big barn favourite, everyone loves her. Because of that, I'm sure I will be getting alot of help when it comes time to work with her. Everyone cant wait till she grows up, she is going to be awesome! My instructor and barn manager (Enika) has promised to help me work with her, so with her help, I have no doubt that she is going to turn out great!

Tomorrow will be her first leading lesson, Ill be posting updates on how its going with my new baby!