Sunday, October 28, 2007

I know this is just about my horses but....

GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

World Series CHAMPS!!

Mike Lowell!!! MVP OF THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Papelbon zomg awesome!!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


My baby was a complete BITCH today! She acted horrible and made me want to smack her head off.....

*Silent Scream*

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Unfit Mother?

Sometimes I wonder if I have what it takes to raise my rueful child. Sometimes I wonder just what I got myself into. Its those days when she is acting like a crazy idoit that I want to beat over the head.

Again, here is a problem with me not having much patience.

I have to remember that she is not yet 5 months old. Its like thinking your 2 year old is going to mind perfectly and NOT trash the house everyday or make a mess eating. Its just not going to happen. Its probably a good thing I don't have kids yet. At lest with Ele I can smack her on the nose when she tries to bite and put her back in her stall when I'm done dealing with her.

Of course it would help if I would work with her everyday. I know I can blame my weather, which I do alot, its just that I have to get over some laziness with this new horse. She needs to be worked with pretty much everyday, if she is going to remember anything that I try to teach her. She isn't like Ringo, who remembers alot of what I teach him and even after a month off, will still preform well. But that DID take years for him to be like that.

Its just been years since I really worked with any foal, its taking some getting used to again and I have never raised one from 4 months on. I got Ringo when he was 4 and he could lead and lunge and stuff. This baby knows nothing!

The techniques of teaching a foal to lead really isn't HARD, it just takes time, patience, and some arm strength. ( Especially with this baby!) Nothing like trying to control a 300lb+ animal who is wanting to go off one way, while you don't! I just need to get myself in a better mind frame.

Need to take it slow.

Need to work with her daily!

Need to stay upbeat and optimistic about my new baby, even when she is trying to eat my arm!

Need to remember how freaking awesome she is going to be if I do this right.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Baby Biter

Worked with Ele yesterday, was really crappy and rainy out, so I could only work with her in her stall. She got a nice bite out of my leg and was being bratty.

Thus is the life raising a child.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Baby Getting Big!

My new baby is growing by leaps and bounds, and soon will be stronger then me.

Its been over a week since I have worked with her, mainly due to the fact that I have been Very Sick and couldn't even get out to the barn. But I went yesterday, rode Ringo and spent some time working with the baby between her mama's lessons. She is very feisty and can be stubborn but I think she is learning. I can tell she knows what I am asking of her but only does it on her own time, when she wants to. After about 10 minutes working with her, she started to get frustrated and wanted to pull me around and swing her head about. She also likes to try and bite my leg and the lunge line constantly and she gets mad when I get after her about it, almost like she throws a small temper tantrum. But I feel like I shouldn't be to hard on her just yet, to much discipline at once probably isn't good, sides, she is only 4 months old still, I have to keep remembering that. She cant and wont learn everything as fast as I would like and I don't want her to become resentful at me for always pushing her and getting after her, I try to give her good scratches and pats as much as I can. I cant wait till she is fully leading and gets weaned. Then I think I will start taking her for walks and such. So much to teach her!

I am glad I bought her and not some noob who doesn't know what the hell they are doing. I bumped into the lady who was suppose to buy her before I swooped in and took her. She is a new rider and would of had NO idea how to deal, train or raise a baby. She just wanted to buy her so she could keep her with her mama! HA. Like Enika would of let that anyways, babies HAVE to be weaned, no matter how much they might hate it the first few days. Gah, I hate seeing nubs who have no idea what they are doing, buying foals thinking that since they are small and will be just so easy to raise and train them.... /sigh.... Its like those people that have kids and really have No right to be reproducing.... we all know the type...