Thursday, September 4, 2008

Horse Show

Went to a local show last Sunday with my horse Ringo. It was a decent sized show, as far as shows Iv been to so far here. It was trailer only, so of course I ended up holding Ringo all day, which is a pain, more so because there was NO shade at all and I ended up with a cherry red face at the end of the day.

We got there early, and I unloaded Ringo right away and lunged some of the oats out of him. He was acting extremely fresh, neighing at everything and flagging his tail like a deer. I was thinking " Ah crap, he is going to be a nutter head today. " But once I got on him and was riding him around, he settled down and actually started to behave.

Our first class was a Arab/Half Arab class open to hunters and saddlebreds. He did extremely good and even tho I ended up with a 4th out of 8 I think, Enika said I should of won it easy. Oh well, thats all that matters. The next class was the Arab/Half Arab championship class and we ended up getting 2nd out of 6 i think. Again, he is AWESOME. Better then Iv ever had him go.

We did 3 more classes after that. Each one he did very well in, only once did he pick up the wrong lead at the canter but pretty sure the judge didnt see it. Only a few things that needed working on. All in all, was a good day. I was very happy with his performance. Just goes to show you just how smart he is. He knew when he was going in to a class and he knew when we reversed that we were going to canter, which we didnt cause the judge switched it up and had us trot, which was a good thing for Ringo. He needs it different in the ring.

Click to go to a site where some pictures of us at up. There was a lady walking around all day taking pictures. They all turned out so good! Our pictures are #83,101,106.

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