Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Riding Lesson

Had a riding lesson on Ringo today. The times got all messed up, so I was at first hurring to try and make my lesson on time, and when I got outside to the arena, she told me that she switched times again, so I had time to warm Ringo up, which was a good thing, he was acting fresh. I started off by riding him in the outdoor arena. He started off Ok at first but started getting uptight and spooking (stable hand was raking leaves nearby ) So I rode him out the arena, only to have him freak out( who knows why) and try to take off with me many time, and act like he wanted to rear and buck. Acting like a complete nutcase, more then he has in a long time. I finally took him to the indoor to try and get him to relax. Which he never really did.

We ended up spending the whole lesson trying to get him relax and bend around my leg, using many different exercises and transitions. Enika just wants me to ride him more, today he just had a bad day I guess. Im going to the barn tomorrow to do just that. Hope it goes well....

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