Friday, November 30, 2007

Good Lesson!

For once I had a good lesson w/ Ele last night. It was dark out by time I got to her but they were still in pasture so I worked for a while on leading. She did so good! I dont know if this is a fluke or what but she walked forward well and hardly resisted at all. I hope she keeps it up!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Death in the Family.....

My baby's daddy had to be put down yesterday. He reared up in his paddock and caught his leg in the fence and pretty much tore it off, completely broken in two. There was totally nothing anyone could do except to get the vet out there fast to put him down. I'm not going to go in to the details that I have learned because they are just to gory and horrible. Enika was the one to find him and she said she will never forget the scene. I feel so bad for the guy, Im sure he must of been in so much pain before they found him. Just a sad sad day.....

Friday, November 23, 2007

New pictures!

Ok, finally got a ton of new pictures taken of my baby. Isn't she getting so big!? I also did some work with her today, she was a pain but did a few things right. I hope someday she will learn to obey and respect me just a little bit more. But I guess that will come with time and lots of work!!

I also free lunged Ringo for a bit, I added a short video of both of them.

Electra 5 Months

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jumping Already?

Yup, you heard it, my baby has decided she wants to start jumping at the ripe age of 5 months. To bad the fences she wants to jump are over 5 feet! She was overseen yesterday trying to jump the arena fence, only to of course not make it and crash into it! She completely busted all 3 boards, which are very stout! I didn't bring my camera with me today, but I will when I go on Friday and snap some pictures of her new crashed in fence. I cant believe how ornery she is. ( She wasn't hurt in her attempts. )

I worked with her some today, while her mum was in a lesson, she was very full of herself and bitchy. Always trying to sneak bites and/or just not want to move. I feel I am going to have my hands VERY FULL with her....

On a very sad note, I was told today that the owners of the barn are selling it! Enika herself was very surprised and we are both shocked. She herself has some horse's boarded at the place and now me I have 2. Uncertain times are ahead for me and my horses, not knowing where we will be at in the future. Hopefully still under Enika, cause I'll need help with my baby and Ringo as well.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Seems to be doing better...

My little girl seems to be doing somewhat better. Iv been working her when her mum is taking a lesson in the ring, that way I have more room to work with her. I start off working her with the rope NOT wrapped around her butt and do that until she starts acting up, then I will put the rope around her and work her that way for a while. Then I will start over, without it. She still likes to bite but hey.... what can ya do...

I was talking to Enika about her and she was saying that she looks like she is growing to fast, more so then she should be for her age. Mostly because she is stealing her mum's food and still nursing. I think we should wean her now. If it continues to get worse, she could get Contracted tendons or Epiphysitis? Where her bones grow faster then her tendons, so its important that she doesn't get any more grain for a while!

I will try to get a updated picture up soon!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Slow Going...

It seems so slow going right now, with her training. I feel like one day she might be learning something but the next time I try the same thing with her, its like its all forgotten. But I guess that is the way of things. Today they were already in there stalls when I got around to saying Hi to her. I found her laying down in the corner of the stall. I crept in and knelt down next to her.
Thankfully, the sawdust was fresh and clean, so I ended up sitting down next to her. I kept calm and she didn't seem to mind to much that I was there, which is good. I want to try to build some more trust with her, and having her not jump up when I came in the stall is a good step forward I think.

She pretty much knows how to go forward on a lead when asked a few times, but sometimes...she just doesn't want to, stubborn as a mule! Then goes the butt rope, and even then, takes alot of tugging to get her moving forward. But I think I am making that slow progress....